The amount of the Caution Money and Library Deposits will be refunded when a student leaves the college or cancels his admission. A student is required to fill in the prescribed application form which can be had from the college counter and submit the same to the office duly filled in, dated, signed accompanied by the necessary deposit receipts, Identity Cards. The deposit not claimed within a period of one year will be forfeited. The amount of deposit will be refunded to the student after 15 days from date of the receipts of their application. The students who have not surrendered their Identity Cards should surrender the same against the deposit refund.
Library Rules:
  All bonafide students (who possess a valid Identity Card) are entitled to get Library membership. The Identity Card should be produced as and when it is demanded by any of the library staff when they are in the Library.
1. Library Hours: The College library will remain open for purposes of study between time 10 a.m. & 5 p.m. In the vacations, the library will remain closed on Sundays and holidays. The timing of the library will be as per discretion of the Principal.
2. Home Reading Card : Books will be issued to students against reader’s card which will be presented before obtaining a book. The card will be retained at the library. It is the responsibility of students to collect the reader’s card when the book is returned. In case a reader’s card is lost, the same should be reported to the Librarian in writing. A fresh card will be issued to the student on payment of Rs. 50/-.
3. Issue of Books: Library books will be issued to the regular students only & Books will not be issued to students whose names are not on the College rolls.
4. Return of Books : A Book must be returned within seven days of the day of issue, or earlier if called for by the library. If a student fails to return the book within the time limit, a fine of Rs. 10/- per book per day will be charged. During the examination days, over due charges would be Rs. 50/- per day per book. A student may get a book reissued in case it is not required by any other readers. Whenever necessary, the Librarian will put up a notice to recall the books asked for. If a book or pages therein are found torn or missing the student to whom it was last issued will be held responsible.
5. Penalties : Student must return all library books within 8 days before the end of the term or as indicated by the notice issued. At the end of the second term, all books will have to be returned as per the Notice. The Examination results of students failing to observe this notice will be withheld in addition to the payment of overdue / fine till they clear their library account. The college leaving certificate, transference certificate or migration would not be issued to the student who are in possession of Library books / periodicals.

The Caution Money and Library Deposit paid by the student will be forfeited by the college in such cases. A student who loses a library book must replace it or pay its cost and penalty if the book is not available. If student loses the identity card and if other student misuses that card for the issue of books, the student who has lost the identity card will be penalised. Text books, reference-books, newspapers and journals will be issued on Identity card for reference only and the same should be returned before the library is closed for the day. Students should not take the journals, newspapers, reference books etc., outside library, failing which suitable penalty would be charged and disciplinary action will be taken against them.
6. Mutilating and Marking Book : It is strictly forbidden to mark library books with pencil or ink or mutilate them in any manner. The reader to whom the book was issued last will be held responsible unless he / she has brought to the notice of the librarian at the time of issue that the books had been previously marked and / or mutilated. The student held responsible for any damage will be liable to a fine equivalent to the damage.
7. Reading Room Discipline: Reserving seats, Smoking, bringing eatables or drinks, throwing cigarette stubs, wrappings of eatables etc., are strictly prohibited in the library and the reading room. Library zone is a silence zone. Complete silence must be maintained in and near the college library. Those who disregard this rule will be punished.

i) Issue of Books
Reference Service
ii) Supply of relevant materials on topics of interest to the students and topics given for various elocution, essay writing competitions etc.
iii) Display of list of additions. (i.e. new books arrived in library)
iv) Display and Exhibition of book jackets of important books.
v) Vocational guidance given to the students for employment opportunities by displaying important career and employment advertisements / clippings.

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