From the Academic Year 2016-17 our respected Chairman of Nagrik Shikshan Sanstha has introduced the Endowment Scholarship in the name of Former Chairman Late. Shri. Rajabhau Mirashi and Late Smt. Shantabai Mirashi for meritorious/Toppers students of our college.


1. Student who secure 60 per cent of marks at the H.S.C. examination of Maharashtra State are eligible to get College Merit Scholarship, depending on the number of Scholarships available & such other conditions.

2. Case of poor and deserving students will be considered on application for remission in fees

3. Names of deserving students belonging to the State of Maharashtra will be recommended to the Government Open Merit Free studentship provided the annual income of their guardians does not exceed the prescribed limit. These are continued, subject to the satisfactory performances, conduct and attendance.

4. Students belonging to economically backward classes or belonging to Schedule Caste or Schedule Tribes will be recommended for government Free studentship on production of necessary certificate. Students desirous of claiming Backward Class freeships must apply for the same in advance within the prescribed time limit, If they do not apply they are not entitled to get these Freeships and will be required to pay full fees. These Freeships are granted subject to the approval of the Government. (See Appendix D in College Prospectus).

5. (a) The College awards a number of freeships and half freeships to deserving students, In addition, needy and deserving students are helped in the form of concession in tuition fees, Participation in curricular activities is also taken into account for granting freeship/ Scholarship
(b) Concessions in payments of fees is granted for one term and may be renewed in the next term subject to the satisfactory progress, conduct and attendance of the recipient.
(c) While recommending the students for obtaining the Scholarship/ Freeships given by various bodies, the attendance and performance of the students in the college would be mentioned in the certificates.

6. All Application for scholarship or Freeships must be accompanied by the Guardian's Income Certificate for the previous year and attested copies of statements of mark of the applicant.

7. Remission from the payment of Tuition Fees :
i) Students belonging to schedule caste and schedule Tribe communities and sons and daughters of primary teachers will be admitted without collecting the tution fees on production of the necessary certificate from the appropriate authorities (in the case of Backward Classes from Social Welfare Officer and in the case of Primary teachers from the Education Officer of the B.M.C.) subject to the condition the condition that such students will simultaneously submit their application for the concession.

ii) Students failing to submit the application within the prescribed time limit of one month from the date of their admission will lose this concession and they will be required to pay the fees forthwith to the college.

iii) In case their application for the concession is not sanctioned by the appropriate authorities due to reasons beyond the control of the college, such students will also be required to pay forthwith on demand.

iv) Students who have applied for the above concessions and whose applications are pending will be allowed to enroll for the second term on payment of the general fees.

v) Admission of the students who fail to pay the general fees to retain their admission for the second term will be considered as cancelled for the second term.

1) Granting of the College Open Merit Scholarship and Free Studentship and recommending for the Government Scholarship is subject to the condition of a minimum 75% attendance, and satisfactory performance and conduct in the college examination.

2) Students' who have applied for remission of fees and whose application for Freeships/Scholarships are forwarded and are under consideration however will have to pay the College general fee in the beginning of the second term to retain their admissions. (For other Scholarships, see Appendix -"D" College Prospectus)

3) Students should submit manual as well as online Scholarship / Freeship Form which is available on www.maha.gov.in