B.Ed. curriculum consists of practice teaching of 20 lessons in schools, observation of 30 lessons, Internship of 1 week in school, Project work, Community work, Content Test in each of the special method, Essay writing and two terminal Exams. This marks Part B – Practicum / internal assessment.

Part A- is theory / external assessment Candidate will be examined in the following subjects.

Paper I Foundation of Education
Paper II Education Psychology
Paper III School management and Education Evaluation
Paper IV Communication Fields in Education
PAPER IV/II Optional Paper (International Education/, Computer Education,/ Action Research/Environmental Education)
Paper V Special Methods.


At present the institution offers 8 methods for teaching English, Hindi, Marathi, History, Geography, Economics, and Science & Mathematics.


To pass the B.Ed. exam, a candidate must obtain in part – A – 35% of the total marks in each paper and 40% on the aggregate and in Part – B 35% in each of the three subheads

(Practice lessons, Practical work and year’s work) and 40% on the aggregate. With respect to the total marks gained by the candidate in Part A (out of 500) and Part – B (out of 500) one of the following grades and corresponding grade point will be accorded to the candidate as follows:


Note: To pass the examination with class the candidates will have to earn the total credit points including Part A and Part B as follows:

1 st Class with Distinction 10
I Class 8 & 9
IInd Class 6 & 7
Pass Class 4 & 5
Less than 4 credit Declared Fail

Note: If candidate gets less than 2 grade points in either Part A of Part B he / she will be declared ‘Fail’ inspire of the total credits being 4 or more.

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